We specialised in custom made design should you wish to require a certain design or profile. At GRM we have the ability to design innovative and environmentally friendly products.

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Our Product Range
Our company provides a wide range of GRM products ranging from composite wood pellets, flooring, decking, ceiling, louver, cladding, wall panel, screening, street furniture, and railing series.
We also allow our customer to customize GRM product with their own requirements to better suit their needs, and to provide a better solutions to our customers in DIY market, Building Systems and constructions.
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Surface Finish Appearance
4 distinct surface finish appearance that we are able to produce as required on your choice of GRM Composite Products.
finishing_01_original Original
finishing_02_linish Linish
finishing_03_emboss Emboss
finishing_04_crown Crown
R & D Department
Our R&D department continue to develop and test our innovative products to meet our client’s international standard requirements. Below are some of test that we have done.
HS-GC-MSDHeavy Metal Content
EN717-3Formaldehyde Contents
EN717-1:2004Formaldehyde Emission
ASTM D2395:2007aSpecific Gravity
ASTM D2240:2000Shore D Hardness
ASTM D1037:2006aWater Absorption
ASTM D1037:2006aNail Pull Resistance
ASTM D638:2003Tensile Properties
ASTM D6109:2005Flexural Properties
ASTM D695:2002aCompressive Properties
ASTM E831:2000Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
ASTM D1525:2006Vicat Softening Point
ASTM D4495-00:2005Impact Resistance
ASTM E84:2009cFire Performance
ASTM D696:2008Thermal Expansion
ASTM D256:2003Izod Impact Test
ASTM D6117:1997Screw Withdrawal Test
ASTM D6117:1997Nail Withdrawal Test
ASTM D792:2000Specific Gravity & Density Test
ASTM D635:2006Flame Test
ASTM D570:1998Water Absorption
ASTM D5116:2006Determinations Of Organic Emissions
AS/NZS 1530.3:1999Fire Test
AS/NZs 3837:1998Bush Attack Level 25 kW/m²
AS/NZs 3959:2009Bush Attack Level 29 kW/m²
AS/NZS 4856:2004Coefficients of Friction with Intergrain Ultradeck with Ultra Grip Coating
ASTM D1894 : 2001Coefficients of Friction
AS/NZs 3837:1998Bush Attack Level 25 kW/m²
In-house labMeasurement of Gamma Radiation
In-house labSelenium
NOISH 9002Asbestos


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