Texture Range

We specialised in custom made design should you wish to require a certain design or profile. At GRM we have the ability to design Innovative and Environmentally Friendly products.

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Texture Range
Realistic textures to beautify and upgrade your space to suit your needs and budget.
Color Range
texture_01_cedar Cedar
texture_02_pinewood Pine Wood
texture_03_crystal Crystal
texture_04_ironbox Iron Box
texture_05_kim Kim Maccassar
texture_06_teak Teak
texture_07_west West Field
texture_08_cherry Cherry
texture_09_amber Amber Brown
texture_10_walnut Walnut
texture_11_lightcherry Light Cherry
texture_12_rose Chin Rosewood
texture_13_mas Light Red Maccassar
texture_14_peach Peach Wood
texture_15_gray Light Grey
texture_16_maho Mahogany
texture_17_redcedar Red Cedar
texture_18_grey Grey
texture_19_redm Red Maccassar
texture_20_walnut Deep Walnut
texture_21_ww Weather Wood


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